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Imagine someone knowing everything about you!

Imagine someone knowing everything about you, and still loving you (God does)Do you know you’re not the only one? We all have parts of ourselves we’d rather no one else knew about. Parts we may try to hide from even ourselves, to distract ourselves from with busyness or entertainment, to overcompensate for with gifts or acts of service. But they are there. Whether it’s memories of what we’ve done or what has been done to us, ugly thoughts and feelings we can’t bear to look in the face, the way we treat our family when no one else is around, secret addictions we believe render us unlovable… Oh they are there and they want to remain hidden in the dark where no one can see and judge them.

The scary and glorious truth is God sees them. He sees them even more clearly and acutely than we do. He doesn’t fall for our attempts at misdirection. He doesn’t brush off our shame with platitudes and excuses. He looks at our sin and pain squarely in the eye and says to us “I still love you.”

That’s what Jesus was doing when He came to earth. He experienced being dirty, tired, hungry, criticized, accused, betrayed, beaten, disappointed, heartbroken and finally punished by crucifixion. He isn’t a God who glosses over our sin and shame. He doesn’t watch our hardship from afar and offer a condescending pat on the back. In becoming human Jesus entered into the pain of this world and the mess we’ve made. And in dying on the cross He has absorbed all our shame and sin so we can be truly forgiven – for everything, even the hidden things.

Call out to Jesus today and be assured He knows everything about you and still loves you.

Bible verse: 1 John 4:10This is real love—not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins”.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, you know everything about me. You know me better than I know myself. Please forgive me for my sin. Thank you that through your life, death and resurrection you show your unflinching love for me and that I am able to be forgiven for everything.

Acknowledgement: This article was sourced from Outreach Media, Sydney, Australia.
Images and text © Outreach Media 2021

Posted, May 2021

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