Observations on life; particularly spiritual

Book of Nehemiah

Bible studies that include brief background notes. Fold page in half to get two A5 pages. Sequel of the book of Ezra. Studies open in a new window.

In 444 BC Nehemiah returned from Susa in Babylon to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. All kinds of people worked together in unity. When they faced external opposition, Nehemiah prayed, posted guards and armed the workforce. When they faced poverty, Nehemiah rebuked the wealthy. When Nehemiah was intimated by his enemies, he opposed their threats and temptations, he prayed and he kept working on the project until the wall was finished. Then he appointed a mayor, gatekeepers and Levites. When the Scripture was read they confessed their sins, celebrated the Festivals of Trumpets & Tabernacles and renewed their covenant to obey the Lord. Then they dedicated the wall with a great celebration. After 12 years in Jerusalem, Nehemiah returned to Babylon. During his absence they sinned against God, so Nehemiah returned to confront them.

  1. Depending on God (Ch 1)
  2. The planning process (Ch 2)
  3. Working together (Ch 3)
  4. External opposition (Ch 4)
  5. Internal opposition (Ch 5)
  6. Facing intimidation (Ch 6)
  7. Family history (Ch 7)
  8. Revival (Ch 8)
  9. Confession and commitment (Ch 9-10)
  10. Big decisions (Ch.11)
  11. Service and celebration (Ch. 12)
  12. Reformation (Ch.13)

Jerusalem wall nehemiah

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