Observations on life; particularly spiritual

Bible Studies

Studies that include brief background notes and open questions, which are suitable for individual use and group discussions.

Small group Bible study leaders guide

David (12 studies)

The book of Nehemiah (12 studies)

The book of Psalms (5 studies)

The book of Ecclesiastes (8 studies)

The book of Joel (4 studies)

The book of Mark (Under construction)

The book of Acts (13 studies)

Ephesians – Living the Christian life (3 studies)

God’s plan in Colossians (3 studies)

Sharing the faith in 1 Thessalonians (3 studies)

The book of 1 Timothy (7 studies)

The book of 2 Timothy (4 studies)

The book of Revelation (10 studies)

Discovering who Jesus is (7 studies)

Discovering obedience (Under construction)

Christian character (11 studies)

Christian disciplines (9 studies)

Being fruitful in work, service and relationships (3 studies)

Other topics (12 studies)

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