Observations on life; particularly spiritual

Evaluating priorities

Bible studies that include an introduction, context, section headings and open discussion questions. Copy the two pages back to back and fold it in the middle to A5 size so that Prayer comes first and Obey and Share at the end.

How to lead a Discovery Group Bible Study

Jesus loves us dearly and wants to guide us knowing what’s most important as followers of Christ. He also indwells us to empower and walk with us as we apply these truths to our lives as Christians. Jesus is always there to help us discern how He thinks and feels about the details of our lives.

  1. Who’s on first? (Luke 14:25-35)
  2. Integrity and submitting to authority (Matthew 22:15-22)
  3. Taking personal responsibility (Romans 12:1-8)
  4. The priority of prayer (Mark 1:29-39)
  5. Setting limits (Luke 10:38-42)