Observations on life; particularly spiritual


Extracts from the NIV Bible (Under construction)

What the Bible says about:

Grief and loss
Unanswered prayer

Future topics: Mental illness, Abuse (child, sexual), Addictions (Gambling, eating disorders), Suicidal thoughts, Relationships, Disability (injury, ill-heath), Divorce, Discrimination, Family, Financial, Loneliness, Sleeplessness, Unemployment, Stress, Worry, Trauma, Dementia (old age), Self-harm, Marriage, Anger, Conflict, Aggression, Self-esteem, Same-sex attraction, Jealousy.

One response

  1. Connie

    So far, as I can see, your site is on point sharing the right way by using the Word of God. But on one of your pages is a huge symbol of the supposedly star of David…..this is not Biblical holy or of the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.Now if it’s to send a message to the world that say they are Jews,and are not, then u have sent it loud and clear.


    May 19, 2019 at 9:49 pm

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