Observations on life; particularly spiritual

The book of Ecclesiastes

Eight Bible studies that include brief background notes and open questions. Fold page in half to get two A5 pages. The Latin word “Ecclesiastes” means “preacher” or “teacher”. The book contains the results of King Solomon’s investigations into the meaning of life. He was the teacher (Eccl. 1:1). It contains human wisdom, but not necessarily divine wisdom.

  1. Solomon’s search
  2. Pleasure, fame and wealth
  3. Life and death
  4. Oppression and money
  5. Money and wisdom
  6. Observations about life and death
  7. Observations about wisdom and foolishness
  8. Solomon’s conclusion

One response

  1. Gladys

    May God give u more wisdom


    August 2, 2012 at 10:43 pm

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