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Converting ancient secular dates to biblical dates

There are two main explanations of the earth’s geological history. One (Biblical) is based on recorded history in the Bible and the other (Uniformitarian) is based on assuming that the present (processes today) is the key to the past (ancient processes) and on the hypothetical geologic time scale. The biblical explanation allows for catastrophic events (such as the flood of Noah), whereas the Uniformitarian explanation minimizes the role of catastrophic events (because it has a preference for gradual events). The biblical explanation mainly involves rapid processes over short periods of time, whereas the Uniformitarian explanation mainly involves slow processes over long periods of time.

Tas Walker has produced a diagram that shows the relationship between ancient secular dates and biblical dates (Walker, 2020). Note that the time lengths in the diagram are not to scale.

Figure to convert ancient secular dates to biblical datesWalker writes, “The right side of the diagram has three vertical arrows, which show how these rocks relate to biblical history. The first arrow (green) indicates which rocks formed in the first 150 days of Noah’s Flood as the floodwaters were rising. The second arrow (blue) indicates which rocks formed in the last 220 days of Noah’s Flood as the waters were falling and the continents were rising. The third arrow (yellow) indicates which rocks formed in the 4,500 years since the Flood ended.”

Also, “there is not a one-to-one relationship between the rocks on the geological column and biblical history. That is because uniformitarian geologists place the rocks into the geological column using criteria that assume Noah’s Flood never happened. However, the rocks must be understood using criteria based on biblical history, which includes the Creation and Flood events.”


Walker’s diagram shows the radical difference between the secular and biblical timescales. And it enables conversions of dates between the different timescales – from hypothesis to history.


Walker T, 2020, “The geology transformation tool – A new way of looking at your world”. Creation.com.

Written, September 2020

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